I would (and often do) recommend the services of Exlen without hesitation. The service offered by Exlen is professional, prompt and founded on an unparalleled technical knowledge.
Over the years I have purchased several custom made systems for my editorial and pre-press company. Never once have I been disappointed. I have always been impressed by the build quality, performance and reliability of my Exlen Systems – no matter what the budget.
In the event of a technical query, I have also greatly appreciated Exlen’s prompt after sales support. No matter what the hour, any problems (Usually the fault of the operator!) are resolved quickly and efficiently.
I am pleased to endorse the work of Exlen, and advice anyone looking for fantastic computer systems to look no further.

Forthcoming Publications ltd

I am writing this letter as a commendation for the excellent service and support given by Exlen Technology.
We have had cause to request visits to our site on a number of occasions and have found the service to be very reliable, punctual and competitively priced for quality work.
Thank you for your service and continued support with all aspects of computing.

Emcat ltd

We would like to express our gratitude for the excellent service offered by Exlen Technology ltd. The prompt and efficient repair to my laptop just prior to an overseas trip is greatly appreciated and you are recommended for the excellent service.

Equipment Supplied International ltd

It is my pleasure to write to you and praise your excellent company. The number of times that Exlen has helped us out of an IT hole and gone above and beyond our expectations are innumerable.
You have always been an absolute godsend to us, particularly with ingenious solutions for peculiar problems, such as an RS232 Time Clock that was designed for Windows 95, which is now working perfectly on windows 7! Even Microsoft don’t seem to be able to thwart you!
Anyway, I wanted to wish you all the best and I hope that our relationship continues long into the future.

Northern Tea Merchants

We can without hesitation recommend Exlen Technology after a number of years of providing IT support to the business.
Our business relies heavily on IT and Exlen have undertaken repairs, supplied equipment and provided invaluable advice as to how to run and maintain software and hardware. All work has been done professionally, promptly and at a competitive price.
We like to have an understanding of our system and the information and setup has always been done with this in mind. Unlike other companies used in the past they really do have the time for you and want to help and offer solutions that meet your needs.

J.A. Taft Conveyancing

I have absolutely no problem providing a reference for Exlen in respect to your provision of products and an excellent service department.
I can honestly say that they have gone above and beyond what is expected when supplying a product and even if a product is not purchased from Exlen, they go out of their way to ensure that the repairs or services are carried out in a very timely fashion.

Molly Maid

Like any small business we rely on our computer system for so much these days – without it we would not be able to operate at all. Until 8 years ago I would therefore only trust such a vital component to our business to a big brand name & Dell was our supplier of choice. Then a good friend suggested I try Exlen – “Give Mo a call” he said, “He’ll sort you out a good deal & you can trust him”. That was the vital word – trust.
So I did give Exlen a call & we’ve never looked back since. I guess we’ve purchased around 15 PC’s plus software, screens, printers etc since. The price is always good, the equipment reliable & the after-sales support second to none. I never bother even getting alternative quotes these days, I do as my good friend suggested 8 years ago… I trust Exlen

Angling Lines

I wish to put on record my appreciation of the services and support that you have given me over a number of years.
I was originally introduced to you by Steven Tschach when you traded from your premises on Markham Road, Chesterfield.
Steven determined what our requirements would be from a computer to suit our business and you built a tailor-made computer to suit these requirements to replace a standard computer supplied by a well-known computer chain store who did not offer the freely provided by yourself.
This new computer worked well and with upgrades carried out over a few years by you to accommodate enhanced and upgraded programs, particularly for our structural design and detailing work that requires large capacity memory and hard drives, has served me well.
As we all know computer technology expands and develops very quickly and you have always been there to determine our upcoming requirements and build new computers for our needs, providing a number of suitable computers to meet these needs.
Originally my knowledge of computers was limited and I always felt comfortable with the advice and service that you gave me and indeed helped me to gain a wider understanding of computers and particularly how to benefit from the use of the upgraded units to suit our business.
Over the years from building the first computer for me you have built a number of computers and supplied all ancillary components including a new ‘factory built’ laptop that you exposed in order to enhance the memory and hard drive for me to accommodate the large design and detail programs that I use, this was done without any full whilst I waited in your excellent showroom at Chatsworth Road, a far cry from the original Markham Road shop.
The showroom is essential for you to be able to advise customers on the equipment that you recommend for their particular needs, enabling them to use the displayed computers.
Please carry on with the helpful friendly advice as well as the excellent service that you have always provided for me and I assume to all your customers. Thank you.

Peter J. Bates

We have used the services of Exlen technology for the past five years and in that time have purchased a large quantity of servers and PC’s from them. Our most recent order was for a total of 32 specially designed high-performance web server units to be used in our datacentre. We have always been impressed by the efficiency, reliability and attention to detail they provide.
We do recommend Exlen Technology without hesitation and will continue to use their excellent products and services.

Idaq ltd

I’m most happy to recommend Exlen Technology LTD for offering exceptional value IT hardware and repair services.
With a limited choice of retail computer stores in the local area, Exlen Technology are an invaluable asset for offering an immediate and alternative choice from higher-priced retailers.